Popular flowers for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day

Every year, St. Patrick’s Day celebrates Irish culture around the world. This holiday was originally created in honor of St. Patrick but has since grown to reflect Irish culture and people as well. In light of March 17th approaching, you should begin to lay out your green attire and send invites to your friends and family that are far away. This will enable them to attend the celebration. St. Patrick’s Day celebrated on March 17, is an Irish religious feast day. The holiday has evolved into a cultural celebration for Irish people and those who are Irish at heart. So, this year, don’t forget to send flowers on St. Patrick’s Day to friends and family. You can also add a ray of sunshine to those in your life who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by choosing St. Patrick’s Day flowers at the right time.

Bells of Ireland

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, this flower is often the first choice. A mildly fragrant plant, Bells of Ireland have beautiful, yellow-green blooms that can be paired with white and yellow flowers to create a wonderful arrangement for St. Patrick’s Day. In addition to fresh bells of Ireland, they can also be dried or used as foliage plants in an arrangement, adding height and dimension. A lot of people equate this flower with prosperity, so much so that it’s often used on a wide range of occasions.


A popular spring flower and ideal for cut-flower arrangements, daffodils are also a favorite of Irish celebrations. Flowers like daffodils are suitable for any occasion, but they look especially stunning in St. Patrick’s Day arrangements. A bouquet of cheerful yellow daffodils tied with green ribbons or even a shamrock print ribbon would be a wonderful gift to send someone special. The daffodil is a favorite in Ireland because it blooms at the very beginning of spring, making it the most fitting addition to most of the Irish festivities. Hence, Evanston flower delivery is the most convenient way to get these blooms for your celebration on St. Patrick’s Day if you are looking for them near you.

Green carnations

Usually, green carnations are preferred for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. They blend beautifully with many different flowers and can often be found next to white carnations or yellow daisies on St. Patrick’s Day. It has been more than 2,000 years since carnations were planted. Carnations were used by the Greeks and Romans to make garlands and wreaths and to wear as decorative headgear. In addition to being available in many colors, carnations also have different symbolic meanings associated with each color. Florist Lake Forest IL can help you out with the best of blooming carnation so that you can have the best of festivity.

The Cymbidium orchid

This delicate, lime-green flower is a unique example of the Cymbidium orchid family. Several large blooms were found on each stem, with each bloom having five points. The Cymbidium orchid represents beauty and love. It pairs beautifully with white and green hydrangeas or stands out all by itself. These are some of the finest blooms to decorate your space on St. Patrick’s Day. The blooms can also be ordered from an Evanston florist if you want to send someone a gift on St. Patrick’s Day from afar.


When it comes to St. Patrick’s Day, the shamrock reigns supreme. It serves as a symbolic representation of the occasion. For centuries, the three-leaf clover has been considered the unofficial national flower of Ireland. It is actually a type of trefoil plant. The shamrock is said to have been used by Saint Patrick as a symbol for explaining the Holy Trinity to nonbelievers during the fourth century when he spread Christianity across the country. The shamrock’s significance began to align with the religious festivities surrounding the saint’s feast day in the 17th century. It was fortunate for those living in poverty that an appropriate ornament was growing outside their homes.

On this St. Patrick’s Day celebration, don’t forget to incorporate the prettiest and most abundant blooms. You can also wish your loved ones with any of these fine blooms. To make the perfect choice, visit Prestons Florist.