Beauty Forecast: The Biggest Makeup Trends of the Moment

Beauty Forecast: The Biggest Makeup Trends of the Moment

Let’s be honest, your makeup bag could probably use an update. We’ve got the scoop on the biggest makeup trends happening right now so you can give your routine a refresh. From pops of neon to dewy skin, this season’s trends are all about making a statement and embracing what makes you uniquely you. Read on to find out what’s hot, how the celebs are wearing it, and how you can make these trends your own. Your beauty look is about to get a central glow-up.

Retro Glam Is Back: Vintage-Inspired Makeup

Retro glam is making a major comeback in makeup trends this season. Think dramatic cat eyes, bold red lips, and perfectly sculpted brows. If you want to channel your inner Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn, read on for tips to get the vintage-inspired look.

  1.     A flawless complexion. Achieve a porcelain doll-like base with a full coverage foundation and a powder to set. Apply foundation with a damp beauty blender for an airbrushed finish.
  2.     Cat eyeliner. A dramatic cat eye is essential for retro glam. Use a liquid or gel liner to trace a wing that extends just past the outer corner of your eye. Apply two coats of volumizing mascara to complete the look.
  3.     A pop of color. Nothing says retro like bright red or coral lipstick. Line and fill in your lips with matte lipstick for a high-impact color that lasts. For extra glam, top it off with a coat of shimmery lip gloss in the center of your lips.
  4.     Sculpted brows. Thick, shapely brows help frame the face and create a polished retro look. Use a brow pencil, brow powder, or brow pomade to fill in and define the shape of your brows. Arch them slightly and taper the ends to a point for the most dramatic effect.
  5. Pearl accessories. Add pearl earrings or a string of pearls to accessorize. Pearls were a staple of 1950s fashion and helped complete the retro pin-up look.

Euphoric and Ethereal: Dreamy, Fantasy Makeup Looks

The whimsical and fantastical makeup looks dominating runways and social media are all about transporting you to another world. If you want to embrace your inner fairy or mermaid, here are a few of the dreamy trends to try:

Glitter and Shimmer

Everything is sparkling this season. Lip glosses, eye shadows, highlighters – you name it. A wash of shimmer on your lids or a swipe of glittery gloss on your lips lets your inner magpie shine through.

Unicorn Inspiration

Iridescent makeup in rainbow hues is having a major moment. From duo-chrome highlighters that shift color to holographic lipsticks, the options for channeling your inner unicorn are endless. For an accessible take on the trend, brush a pearly pigment onto your cheekbones or swipe a purple-blue lipstick onto your pout.

Mermaid Vibes

Deep teals, seafoam greens and metallic scales are straight out of a mermaid’s beauty bag. Create a fishy pout with a shimmering teal lipstick or opt for more subtle mermaid vibes with a sea green cat eye flick. Pair the makeup with tousled beachy waves for maximum underwater effect.

Ethereal Glow

A diffused, angelic glow is perfect for channeling your inner cherub. Apply liquid highlighter or luminizer to the high points of your face for an allover glow. Pair dewy, lit-from-within makeup with loose, dreamy curls or waves. The result is sublimely ethereal.

Embrace the fantastical and bring a bit of whimsical escapism to your everyday makeup look. With so many dreamy, otherworldly trends to choose from, your imagination is the only limit.

Graphic Liner and Bold Brows: Edgy and Artistic Makeup

Graphic liner and bold brows are two of the edgiest makeup trends dominating runways and Instagram feeds. If you’re looking to amp up your makeup game with an artistic, high-impact look, these trends are for you.

Graphic Liner

Graphic liner refers to any eyeliner look that goes beyond your basic cat eye. We’re talking geometric shapes, asymmetric designs, and color blocking. To achieve a graphic liner look:

  •       Start with a clean base. Apply foundation and concealer to provide a blank canvas.
  •       Use tape to map out your design. Place strips of tape on the areas you don’t want to color in.
  •       Select your liners. Gel or liquid liners work best for precise lines. Have fun with different colors like cobalt blue, forest green or burgundy.
  •       Start lining and connect your dots. Work slowly in short strokes, connecting the lines made by the tape.
  •       Finish and highlight. Carefully remove the tape and you’ll be left with a bold graphic design. Apply mascara and a touch of highlighter to complete the look.

Bold Brows

Big, bold brows are still going strong. To get the look:

  •       Let your brows grow in. Give your brows 4 to 6 weeks to grow to their natural shape before shaping them.
  •       Get the right tools. Use brow stencils and rulers to map out the shape. Precision tools allow you to create angular, boxy shapes.
  •       Focus on the arch. The arch of the brow is the focal point. Make sure the arch is sharp and angular.
  •       Apply brow makeup. Use a brow pencil, powder, or pomade to fill in and define your bold brows.
  •       Consider dyeing or microblading. For a more permanent solution, dye or microblade your brows to achieve darker, more prominent arches.


After all, beauty should be a joyful experience! With a new season of beauty just around the corner, the future of cosmetics looks bright. Get ready – your new favorite look awaits!